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Boot cleaning machines

Boot cleaning machines primarily serve for the cleaning and disinfecting of the soles of boots and bootlegs, before entering critical premises like slicer rooms, production areas etc., such as these are frequently found in the food processing industry etc.

However, the machines are also used on the entrance side of the production line (slaughterhouse, butcher shop, etc.) in order to avoid dirt dragging into other rooms (social rooms, dressing rooms, etc.).

Positively driven boot cleaning machines as a so-called walk-through design (through-flow cleaning) with handrails are often found in large companies, but also in medium-sized food-producing companies. On the other hand, combined boot cleaning machines (in combination with cleaning the apron and sole cleaning) or stationary boot cleaning machines (without positively driven personal transport) are often found in small enterprises.

In the field of boot cleaning machines, we offer user-friendly solutions made of rustproof stainless steel for your personal hygiene.

Even with the most complex tasks or spatial conditions, our specialists develop tailor-made stainless steel solutions.

We offer perfect solutions in the area of ​​personal hygiene for different customer requirements and industries.

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Durchlauf-Stiefelreinigung Boot-Star I  Boot-Star I
  (Walk-through boot
   cleaning machine)
Durchlauf-Stiefelreinigung Boot-Star II  Boot-Star II
  (Walk-through boot
   cleaning machine)




Combiclean-Sohlen und Stiefelreinigung  Combiclean
 (Walk-through boot
  cleaning machine)
Stiefel-Schürzenreinigungsstation STWA-I  Boot-/apron cleaning station
  (Type STWA-I)




Stiefel-Schürzenreinigungsstation STWA-II  Boot/ apron cleaning station
(Type STWA-II)


Stiefel-Schürzenreinigungsstation STWA-III  Boot-/apron cleaning station
  (Type STWA-III)

Stiefel-Schürzenreinigungsstation STWA-IV  Boot-/apron cleaning station
  (Type STWA-IV)
Stiefelreinigungsmaschine Boot-Master Highline  Boot-Master "Highline"
(Boot cleaning machine)

Stiefelreinigungsmaschine Boot-Master Ecoline  Boot-Master "Ecoline"
  (Boot cleaning machine)
Hygieneschleusen-Impressionen  Impressions



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