Disinfection basin Type DDB-S

Controlled walk-through disinfection of the soles

  • Solid and hygienic construction
  • Standversion with height-adjustable feet
  • Stand-pipe-valve for drainage of disinfectant
  • Removable anti-skid grid
  • Grid tiltable or removable
  • Optionally with dosing station
  • Optionally available as built-in version (Type DB-E)

W x D x H in mm
DDB-S IStanding version1100 x 700 x 180
DDB-S IIStanding version550 x 700 x 180
Dosing station (Time controlled) 
Dosing station (Pulse controlled)


Rustproof stainless steel 1.4301, surface brushed



The walk-through disinfection-basin installed before the entrance to the production area. By passing the grid the soles get disinfected by means of the disinfectant . The basin is equipped with a removable anti-skid grid rust and a stand-pipe-valve.

The addition of disinfectant solution can be done manually or by means of an optional dosing system. For draining the disinfectant solution the plug-valve gets removed by hand.

We tailor-made according to you desires and the conditions on site!

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