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Hand disinfection / hand hygiene

We offer in the sector of hand sanitizer / hand hygiene user-friendly solutions made ​​of stainless steel for your personal hygiene.

Even in the most complicated tasks or spatial conditions, our experts develop customized solutions made ​​of stainless steel.

We support the economic conversion of your current hygiene requirements and advise you at weak points in the personal hygiene.

We provide for different customer requirements and industries (branch) perfect solutions in the field of personal hygiene.

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Cleancenter  Hygienic-Center

Cleanlight "Ecoline"    Clean-Station "Ecoline"



Cleanlight TOP I+II  Clean-Station "TOP I+II"

Cleanstar Highline  Cleanstar "Highline"



 Hand-DesinfektiosautomatenDisinfection devices


Hygienic-Station   Hygienic-Station


Universalspender USP-O USP-A  Universal liquid dispenser

  (Manual operation)


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