Drainage Technology

What is meant by drainage technology?

Drainage technology comprises all elements in a building, room or production hall which are necessary for drainage, that is the discharge of liquids (mainly water). Generally speaking, drainage technology thus includes: slot drains or box drains embedded in the floor, into which the water flows or the water flows into floor drains that are attached at central places, as well as the necessary sewage pipe systems, through which the water can be taken away. The products presented here from the product range of drainage technology are designed for industrial use and are manufactured exclusively from stainless steel. This means that large areas can be also drained with these products, whereby the specific products absolutely have their own absorption capacities, however, so that depending on the size of the room which is equipped with drainage technology, also several slot drains or box drains, outlets etc. must be installed.

Drainage technology is especially crucial in operations, in which the floor is regularly extensive and must be cleaned with not insignificant quantities of water. Here bottom drains and slot drains and box drains are helpful to implement cleaning quickly and efficiently. Industrial drainage solutions and technology are particularly often needed in businesses of the foodstuff industry, such as abattoirs or also the beverages industry, which have to satisfy very high hygiene standards. Other fields of application can be found in agricultural large-scale businesses, bakeries, industrial kitchens, but also in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry. A special feature of our products is the production from 100% stainless steel. Stainless steel is rust-proof and also satisfies highest requirements with hygiene standards.

We offer a wide range of field-proven drainage systems and drainage solutions for all applications.
Our product range includes standard and special processes, sewage pipes and drainage channels.

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Floor drains

With respect to floor drains, we offer single (1-part) and more complex, two-part models. Bottom drains are the centrepiece of drainage technology and constitute the transition between space and wastewater pipe system. For this reason, all bottom drain models under a discharge grid are once again equipped with a finer strainer in order to protect the wastewater pipes against clogging.

Slot drains

Slot drains are embedded in the floor and lead liquid to an integrated floor drain. At this, liquid absorption takes place via a narrow slot with an incorporated lateral and longitudinal slope. The integrated floor drain is located either centrally or at one of the ends of the slot drain and is equipped with a grid and strainer to collect contaminations.

Box drains

Box drains are also embedded in the floor just as slot drains and have an integrated floor drain either centrally or at one of the ends. Due to the wide drainage channel and the grid passing over the entire length, box drains are suitable for the removal of medium to large amounts of liquids - also in case of strong contamination.

Wastewater pipe system

No drainage can function without wastewater pipes, through which the liquids are led. With our wastewater pipe system, we offer a concise solution for wastewater removal from one provider: Pipes in different strengths and lengths as well as most different connecting and angle pieces for pipe connection and for the connection to the water circuit.

Floor troughs

Floor troughs are hollows covered by a grid with an integrated floor drain, which are particularly suitable for the absorption of large amounts of highly contaminated liquids. The use of floor troughs is often a useful way in parallel with slot drains and box drains to ensure the drainage of a production site, as well as for draining cleaning machines.

Shaft covers

Using shaft covers, shafts in the floor or in walls are closed. They have a security function by protecting the shaft against penetration of objects and to simultaneously negate the safety risk for people. Shaft covers are equipped with handles to be operated manually for opening them and must be adapted to the respective shaft.

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You have further questions about our products from the area of drainage technology, components, factory equipment or about the topic of hygiene technology and wish to have personal expert advice? By telephone or also on site with pleasure. Our experienced specialist advisers will find the optimum solution for you.


Foodstuff industry

In many production operations of the foodstuff industry, the implementation of high-quality drainage technology corresponding to industrial standards is indispensable. In the process, mixtures of different products such as slot drains and box drains, bottom drains and floor troughs are used.

Beverages industry

In the operating sites of beverage producers and bottlers, hygiene-compatible drainage technology made of stainless steel is used. The production often requires the use of drainage solutions, which during the production process can drain considerable amounts of liquids quickly. Therefore our slot drains and box drains have a large drainage capacity.

Industrial kitchens and bakeries

As within the foodstuff industry (if one does not want to add in these two operation types), great bakeries and industrial kitchens, too, need suitable drainage technology in order to be able to clean the floors regularly and intensively. Depending on the size and premises, single drains or several products from the product category can be used in these operations, including wastewater pipe systems which are generally legitimate in all production sites to be regularly cleaned.

Agricultural large-scale businesses

Some agricultural large-scale businesses such as in wine growing, sometimes need industrial drainage technology for some localities. Due to the flexible systems, different products often offer a good choice here for individual businesses with a need for such technology.

Cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry

The hygienic requirements in cosmetics production and in the pharmaceutical industry are partly even higher than in food processing. Even though it is worked with clean rooms and similar things in these areas, our products from the area of drainage technology can find an absolutely sensible use in less sensitive production premises and help carry out cleaning of machines and floors quickly and effectively.


Planning of drainage technology | Mohn GmbH
Assembly of drainage technology | Mohn GmbH


Planning and installation of drainage technology always represents an impact on the building structure of the respective location. Regardless of whether floor troughs and box drains shall be inserted in the floor of already existing wastewater pipe systems or the sewage system must be laid from scratch: certain constructional interventions are always necessary for its implementation.

Therefore a precise planning of drainage technology designed on a long term basis is normally sensible. Already existing bottom drains, slot drains and box drains or floor troughs can be replaced and renewed relatively quickly and without any problems.

In contrast, renewing or replacing the wastewater pipe system often requires extensive construction works and is significantly more time-consuming.

Our technically competent employees would be glad to advise you regarding the implementation of the drainage concept or the replacement of individual or all components of an already existing drainage system.

In the process, our customers can benefit from the decade-long experience of the Mohn GmbH in this area.

Assembly situation 1: Floor drain with odour closure and screen basket | Mohn GmbH

Assembly situation 1: Floor drain with odour closure and screen basket

Assembly situation 2: Levelling of the box drain | Mohn GmbH

Assembly situation 2: Levelling of the box drain

Assembly situation 3: Adjustment of the floor with sloping to the box drain

Assembly situation 3: Adjustment of the floor with sloping to the box drain

Assembly situation 4: Box drain with grate

Assembly situation 4: Box drain with grate


As a specialist for drainage technology in production operations, especially the foodstuff industry, we assist our customers with a decade-long experience. This ranges from conception to advice in case of updates to drainage technology or the replacement of outdated single modules to the implementation of the building project. In the process, we always keep an eye on the legal hygiene regulations and help you guarantee their 100% implementation. Therefore we count on 100% stainless steel when manufacturing all parts. Apart from products of drainage technology, our product portfolio comprises a wide choice of different products for the foodstuff industry and related types of operation, including Cleaning technology, Transport technology, Hygiene technology, Factory equipment and many other things.

Because we know that every business is unique and has its own spatial conditions, we try, wherever possible, to also manufacture our products according to individual customer wishes. Please contact us! And our trained employees will find with you the perfect solution for your operation.

Drainage technology in an industrial kitchen - MOHN GmbH

Drainage technology in an industrial kitchen - Cooking pot drainage via box drains (item 1) and floor troughs (item 2)


Our claim

We support our customers with our products from the area of drainage technology with 100 % implementation of legal hygiene regulations and water-based cleaning of floors and walls. Our products of drainage technology are virtually universally useable in industrial environment, even though they have been optimised for the use in the area of food processing.

Professional advice and innovation

Our experts provide you with comprehensive advice in a technically competent way and accompany you from the conception up to the structural implementation. In addition, we count on constant innovation in order to be able to offer our customers future-proof products.

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Our customer hotline is available to you on 5 days a week and 8 hours daily. Inquiries and occurring problems can thus be recorded and solved quickly. In case of serious problems, our competent service technicians will go into action, who thanks to our company-owned vehicle fleet can also intervene directly on the spot in your operation.