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Pass-through washing plant DLWA-Universal Highline

of rustproof stainless steel 1.4301

Are you looking for a washing plant for special cleaning parts?

Please do not hesitate to contact us. With our experience in more than
25 years of plant engineering, we are happy to meet new challenges.

Considerable advantages of our pass-through washing plants:

  • Completely double-walled, soundproof and heat insulated machine housing made of one piece and completely welded, low energy consumption
  • Reliable functionality, very long service life
  • Long washing treatment and excellent washing results due to nozzle and washing system refined over years
  • Washing frames can be removed and cleaned without any tools, nozzles with large passage and optimized drop size = good cleaning effect + insensitive to pollution
  • Large tank volume, strong pump performance with high circulation and high wash pressure
  • Sophisticate filter systems, external box filter and self-cleaning drum filters for taking up big amounts of dirt
  • Use of first-class attachment parts, e.g. LENZE drive and frequency converter, EDUR pump, stainless steel centrifugal pump and control cabinet parts of make SIEMENS

Possible cleaning parts:

  • Euro norm containers E1-E3
  • Crates of all industries, various sizes
  • Baking trays
  • Chocolate moulds
  • Pallets 1,200 x 800 and 1,200 x 1,000 mm
  • Barrels
  • 200 Ltr. Standard trolley
  • Trolleys for E containers
  • etc.

MOHN pass-through cleaning plants are available in many construction forms
and are generally manufactured according to customer requirements.

Required information for plant design or tendering:

  • Container size and type
  • Degree of soiling of the container
  • Daily cleaning amount or desires hourly performance
  • Spatial conditions

Heating types:

  • Tank heating via electrical heater or direct steam
  • Indirectly via steam or hot water heat exchanger as an option
  • Reflushing: Boiler with 1x/ 2x 10kW electric heating, depending on the fresh water
    inlet temperature and the desired clear rinsing temperature
  • Indirectly via steam, hot water or thermal oil by means of a heat exchanger

Further factors which we will take into consideration when designing an exactly configured machine:

  • Wash presssure
  • Wash tank content
  • Wash and rinse temperature
  • Nozzle alignment and version
  • Design of the conveyor
  • Plate, box or automatic filter
  • Planned staff assignment, e.g. equipment of the machine with an
    overhead for one-person operation

Using proven components, the machine will be configured according to your requirements.

Plant layout and equipment options:

  • Infeed and outfeed tables for manual operation or connection to materials handling
  • Longitudinal or transverse through-feed with a centre bone chain, clearly slanted with Euro norm containers
  • Tunnel pass-through with height adjustment via easily adjustable hold-down devices
  • Automatic pre-jetting of heavily soiled crates on the infeed table to avoid the spreading of coarse dirt, protein and blood in the wash tunnel
  • Pre-wash modules with own tank for pre-cleaning of heavily soiled crates
  • Optionally with label removal on 2 or 4 sides
  • Powerful main washing zones with integrated post-cleaning
  • Separate post-cleaning modules with own tank in case of high hourly output
  • Draining zones by means of 1, 2 or 3 high-pressure fans, adjustable via converters, incl. neutral zone
  • External filter tank with hand hole and funnel overflow, tank made of 3 mm stainless steel,
    (All inner edges R=30mm rounded)
  • Drum filter rotating, dirt removal via rotating drum with inboard feeding screw
  • Tank heating, steam indirect via V4A tubular heat exchanger or hot water heat exchanger
  • Boiler 10 or 20 kW for fresh water heating for post cleaning
  • Waste water heat exchanger with cold water connection for warming up fresh water for rinsing
  • Hot water or thermal oil heat exchanger V4A (AISI 316) for fresh water heating for post-cleaning
  • Steam heat exchanger for fresh water heating to finally rinse using direct or indirect steam, incl. stream trap
  • Vapour exhaust in the inlet and outlet or in the neutral zone with stainless steel radial fan including stainless steel piping on the machine roof and way guidance using DN 250, output approx. 1,500 m3/ h at 500 Pa
  • Overhead for one-person operation (partly with rollers)
  • Gravity-driven or driven runway for crate transport
  • Optionally with tunnel expansion for cleaning containers and pallets (lying) in one plant



Option: Kisten-Wendestation für Durchlauf-Waschanlagen

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