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Smoke-stick washing-machine, Type RSW

Made of stainless steel 1.4301

Barrel-washing-machine for cleaning of up to 600 smoke-sticks (depends on execution)
  • "Hygienic-Design"
    innovative engine-room cladding
  • Barrel for standard-smoke sticks
  • Solid barrel made of 4mm thick stainless steel
  • Ergonomic working-height: 800mm
  • Service-friendly barrel-drive
  • Solid and durable stainless steel barrel-position
  • Flattened engine with brake
  • SIEMENS SPS-operation
  • Casing-lid with safety circuit


Smoke-stick washing-machine
 W x D x H in mm


300-500 pieces

 1860 x 1050 x 1350


RSW-II400-600 pieces 1860 x 1350 x 155049900107

*depends on pollution

Technical Data:

Power supply:                   3 x 400 V/N/PE; 50 Hz 16/32 A
Fuse:                                 16 A
Pump performance:          1.0 kW
Type of protection:           IP 54
Water connection:            ¾"
Freshwater-temperature: min. 55°C on site (without additional heating)
Drainage:                          1 ½" (DN 50)
Water consumption:         ca. 500 liters/h depends on programm (adjustable)
Heating:                            electric (11kW) or steam
Tank content:                    400 liters
Barrel-diameter:                600mm / 800mm (depends on execution)
Fill-in height:                     800mm (ergonomic)
Duration of programm:     30 to 60 min



The smoke-stick washing-machine, Type RSW is a solid barrel-washing machine for cleaning of standard smoke-sticks with a length of up to 1000 mm. Even the standard execution of type RSW-I cleanes up to 300-500 smoke-sticks (depends on execution).

After the casing-lid as well as the barrel-flap is opened the barrel is filled up to 2/3 of the barrel-capacity with smoke sticks. The dosage of the cleaning detergent is done manually. After that the casing and the barrel-flap are closed again.

The by means of the SIEMENS-SPS-operation pre-adjusted programm starts to run. The barrel spins and freshwater flows in. The filling of the barrel with hot water from site or by means of an optional boiler (11 kW) or steam, is done by impulse within the pre-adjusted time by means of a nozzle-system.

While running, the machine needs a continous inflow of a bit of freshwater.

The circulation of water is used to remove dirt and fat. By means of a filter system the dirt is filtered out before the water flows to the drain. During the complete washing program the water is completely exchanged so that a rinsing with fresh water is guaranteed and no cleaning detergent sticks to the smoke-sticks.

After the pre-adjusted time the actual washing process is finished. Now the ball valve has to be opened that the water can drain from the tank. The barrel spins on in the meanwhile to support the drying process. The end of the whole process is signaled by means of a signal-light.


- Steam (heating) max. 9 bar
- Electro-heating 11 kW (for cold water on site)

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