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Rotary basket washer "UNIVERSAL Highline"

of rustproof stainless steel 1.4301

The machine is equipped with a wash, spin drying and optionally blow-off.

Main advantages of our machine:

  • Solid machine housing, one-piece manufactured and completely welded, low energy consumption
  • Little need for space
  • Reliable operation, very long service life
  • Excellent cleaning results thanks to the nozzle and washing system refined over years
  • Alignment of the wash nozzles as required by your laundry
  • Electric heating with special heaters, easy to clean and safe against burnout
  • Use of first-class components, e.g. Drive and frequency converter LENZE, EDUR pump and switchgear cabinet manufacturers SIEMENS
Rotary basket washer  
Type  Capacity
  60/40 bins
  W x D x H in mm
Universal-Highline 3-6 bins pro Charge  1800 x 1500 x 1500*

* Heigth with closed lid


  • Blow-off with 4,0kW strong "ELEKTROR" high-pressure compressor, art.-no.
  • Iso-housing at the bottom (sides and bottom), art.-no.
  • Clear rinsing via separate nozzle pipes, art.-no.
  • Washer on 4 heavy-duty castors, art.-no.


    • The machine is made entirely of stainless steel and is equipped with a large EDUR stainless steel pump as standard.
    • The washing basket has a diameter of approx. 3-6 pieces 60/40 container + cover.
    • The recordings are made to match your containers. Therefore, the system is ideally suited for the cleaning of customer-specific, different laundry items.

    In the substructure of the machine is a tank system, which is covered up with sieves. The pump continuously feeds the wash liquor from the tank to the nozzles. The filter system permanently filters the wash liquor. A commercially available crate detergent with a concentration of 0.3-0.4% should be used.



    Operating function

    • Switch on the system approx. 60 min before starting work to heat the tank
    • Insert the crates into the basket
    • Close the machine, cover is pulled down and locked
    • Start washing program via timer
    • Automatic sequence of the wash program
    • Open cover (with weight relief) and remove the product


    The hot containers dry quickly (washing temperature approx. 60 ° C) and can be used again shortly afterwards. The washing ends with a fast basket rotation, the surfaces are not completely dry after this treatment, but can be re-used after removal and storage a short time later, by an optional blow-off the drying result can be further improved.
    The stainless steel basket of the machine is made of 8-10mm thick round material. All crossing points are welded, so the basket can also be subjected to point and impact loads.


    Technical specifications

    • Hours: depending on container size
    • Rotating basket diameter: 1080mm
    • Working height: 650mm
    • Loading height: 850mm
    • Charge time: 3-5 min
    • Max. Basket load: 500kg
    • Basket drive: 1,0kW
    • Basket height: 600mm
      Heating capacity: 20kW
    • Tank capacity: 220l
    • Pump power: 3,0kW 900l / min at 1,5bar EDUR Stainless steel centrifugal pump
    • Housing thickness: 2 and 4mm


    Machine connections

    Fresh water:      3/4 " with automatic tank filling, Stadtwasser cold or
                                   warm via hose connection, at least 2, max
    Electricity:        400V, 50Hz, 32A plug
                           (a heating is switched off when the pump and the blower motor are operating)
    Waste water:     DN 50
    Extract air:        DN 250 on the back of the machine.
                           In this case, 1-2min humid air is emitted from the end of the program,
                           the air must be discharged to the outside


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