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Knife basket cleaning machine type MKRM-T

Made of stainless steel 1.4301Edelstahl rostfrei

For cleaning and disinfection at a minimal time- & energy expenditure
  • Cleaning and disinfection of knife baskets & small parts
  • Robust, double-walled construction
  • Compatible for small and large knife baskets
  • Electrically heated version
  • Minimum time and energy requirement
  • 2 washing programs A:  6 min. - cleaning
                                     B: 12 min. - cleaning + disinfectionn
  Made in Germany 
  Knife Basket Cleaning Machine  
Type Capacity*   Dimensions W x D x H in mm   Art.-No.
    MKRM-T I         10 lkb/20 skb         920 x 1190 x 1115    
        16 lkb/ 32 skb     1220 x 1190 x 1115  

*Legend: skb.=small knife baskets, lkb.=large knife baskets


By means of this machine knife baskets are automatically cleaned and sterilized. After closing the cover (top-loader) and pushing the start button the machine will start automatically with the cleaning and sterilization program.

The machine has two different programs:

Program I:                                Program II:
Cleaning (7 min at 45°C)           Cleaning (7 min at 45°C)
Flushing (fresh water)                Flushing (fresh water)
Time required: 10 min                Draining and refilling
                                                  Sterilization (5 min at 93°C)*
                                                  Time required: 16 min

*This procedure complies to the european norm DIN EN ISO 15883. Those parameters are efficient in ranges A and B, that is fungicide, bactericide and virus-inactivating HBV and HIV approved by the Robert-Koch-Institution (RIK).

Technical Data:
Power supply:               3x 400 V; 50/60 Hz
Performance:                24,0 kW/ 63 A
Water inflow/outflow:  3/4" 

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