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Knife basket pass-through cleaning machine type MKRM-D

of rustproof stainless steel 1.4301

Considerable advantages of our machines:

  • Completely double-walled, soundproof and heat insulated machine housing made of one piece and completely welded, low energy consumption
  • Reliable functionality, very long service life
  • Long, active washing zone and excellent washing results due to nozzle and washing system refined over years
  • Alignment of the washing nozzles as required by your cleaning parts, energy-saving washing tunnel adjusted to the cleaning parts
  • Washing frame can be removed and cleaned without any tools, nozzles with large passage and optimized drop size = good cleaning effect + insensitive to pollution
  • Use of first-class attachment parts, e.g. LENZE drive and frequency converter, EDUR pump, stainless steel centrifugal pump and control cabinet parts of make SIEMENS

Knife basket pass-through cleaning machine
Type Design     Dimensions
  W* x D x H in mm  
Art. no.
    MKRM-D I       Single lane         3300 x 600 x 1700     
  MKRM-D II     fTwo lanes         3300 x 800 x 1700     

*Infeed conveyor: 500 mm/ outfeed conveyor: 1000 mm including

Plant layout:

  • Infeed conveyor 500 mm, outfeed conveyor: 1000 mm
  • Transport via Scanbelt bone chain without cams
  • Speed up to 300 knife baskets/ h
  • Passage width 130 mm, max. passage height 485 mm,
    Housing width 600 mm, support height: 900 mm
  • Wash and rinse zone: 1800 mm long,
    Tank approx. 200 l with plate filter that can be removed via the
    maintenance door, Filter frame made of stable profile material
  • Electrical heating 10 kW or direct steam for wash tank
  • Circulating pump EDUR, stainless steel centrifugal pump 3 kW,
    600l/min at 2 bar, approx. 40 stainless steel flat jet nozzles in easily
    removable washing frames, active washing zone length: 1000 mm
  • Final rinsing with fresh water contained in washing and rinsing zone,
    can be adjusted sensitively via pressure reducers
  • Fresh water inlet temperature approx. 45° C, recommended
    final rinse temperature 85°C, consumption: approx. 350-400 l/h
  • Drive: LENZE spur gear motor with LENZE frequency converter


  • Electric boiler 1 x 10 kW fresh water heating by 30-40°C for final rinse zone
  • Electric boiler 2 x 10 kW fresh water heating by 30-40°C for final rinse zone
  • Waste water heat exchanger, with cold water connection for warming up fresh water
    for final rinsing, temperature increase approx. 10-15°C
  • Direct steam instead of electrical heating in the wash tank
  • Hot water or thermal oil heat exchanger V4A
  • Steam heat exchanger incl. steam strap
  • Steam heat exchanger, direct and indirect, including steam strap
  • Suction in the inlet and outlet using a stainless steel radial fan, vapour exhaust hood 400 mm, incl. stainless steel piping on the machine roof and way guidance using DN 250, approx. 1,500 m³/h at 500 Pa

Machine connections:

Mains connection: 3~ 400 V - 50 Hz (depending on equipment) 
                              for the current need at fresh water 45° X, 35 kW
Fresh water:         3/4“, 1-6 bar
Waste water:        DN50
Suction:                1 x DN250, 1,500 m³/ h at 500 Pa


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