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Pass-through washer, Type DLWA-HBW

of rustproof stainless steel 1.4301

For the cleaning of normally soiled 200l. meat bins, capacity 30 to 60 pieces / h depending on the execution of the task or delivery station.

Considerable advantages of our pass-through washing plants:

  • Completely double-walled, soundproof and heat insulated machine housing made of one piece and completely welded,low energy consumption
  • Reliable functionality, very long service lifel Long washing treatment and excellent washing results due to nozzle and washing system refined over years
  • Washing frames can be removed and cleaned without any tools, nozzles with large passage and optimized drop size= good cleaning effect + insensitive to pollution
  • Large tank volume, strong pump performance with high circulation and high wash pressure
  • Sophisticate filter systems, external box filter and self-cleaning drum filters for taking up big amounts of dirt
  • Use of first-class attachment parts, e.g. LENZE drive and frequency converter, EDUR pump, stainless steel centrifugal pump andcontrol cabinet parts of make SIEMENS

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Pass-through washer for feed trucks
feed trucks
Total length
DLWA-HBW  30-60 feed trucks/h*    7.500/ 10.500 mm**

* depends on the design of the pass-through washer!
** without or with loading and unloading station


  • Unloading station 2, art.-no.
  • Loading station 2 + pre-rinsing (for 2 feed trucks each loading), art.-no..
  • Loading station 2 (for 2 feed trucks each loading), art.-no.
  • Unloading station 1, art.-no.
  • Loading station 1 (for 1 feed truck each loading), art.-no.

200l standard meat bins (DIN 9797) fresh, common butchery pollution
Number of production staff required at the facility:
One person at the inlet and one more person at the outlet
The task and removal are carried out by means of loading and unloading stations:

  • Automatic swivel mechanism for one or two cars in the inlet and outlet (see options)
  • The bin is lifted above 180 ° on the conveyor level and turned at the same time

Plant construction

  • Fully welded machine housing on chest tube base 80/80/3
  • 2000mm infeed table, transport of goods via 2 pieces of scan belt chains 1702
  • Washing 3000mm long, tank 1500l with large box outside filters, EDUR stainless steel centrifugal pump 22kW 1800l / min with 4bar for indoor and outdoor cleaning, heating approx. 50kW electric or steam direct (optional indirect)
  • The washing tunnel has a throughput width of approx. 750mm and is equipped with stable stainless steel guides, flow height approx. 1300mm (other dimensions are possible)
  • Final rinse opens only when the bin is passing, hourly demand 800-1000l (adjustable), length 1000mm spout with 1500mm
  • Hourly services: 30 (up to 60) pieces of 200 l bin with usual dirt, not dried

Machine features

  • Self-supporting, double-walled machine housing with maintenance flaps on both sides, tanks 3mm thick, all double-walled housing parts with tester with 1/4 "ball valve
  • All tanks with hand hole 200 x 400mm, tank inner space rounded with R = 30mm, from the rear can be cleaned with additional opening
  • Roof and side walls 30mm thick insulated
  • Control via SIEMENS S7 with Pro Face touch screen, monitoring of temperatures and other parameters
  • Pumps, controllers etc. external and easy to reach
  • Cable laying clean in grate channels with spacers made of stainless steel
  • Curtains of silicone color blue


  • Inlet table 2000mm
  • Washing 3000mm
  • Rinsing 1000mm
  • Outlet 1500mm
  • Total length approx. 7500 without loading and unloading station
  • Total length approx. 10500 incl. Loading and unloading station

Machine connections / consumption

  • Fresh water at least 2, max. 6bar at least 40 ° C, optimally 2-8 ° dH, 3/4 ", 1500l for tank filling, hourly in operation 800-1000l / h
  • Electricity 400V 50Hz 25kW fuse 63A (with electric heating plus 50kW heating capacity)
  • Waste water DN 70
  • Exhaust air DN 250 at 2 points
  • Optional: Steam 3/4 "1-6bar Operating requirement 100kg / h at 48 ° C Washing temperature, plus steam requirement for the hot rinse approx. 50-60kg / h, heating power 50kW
  • Compressed air 1/4 "for controlling the steam control valve = 100l / h 6bar (steam only)


Pass-trough washing machine for bins (trolleys for butcheries)

Bin-supporting framework (cradle) with conveyor belt


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