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Crate Washer, Type DLWA 250 Highline

of rustproof stainless steel 1.4301

Pass-through washing machine cleans up to 250 euronorm-crates (E1 + E2) per hour!

Considerable advantages of Highline washing machines

  • Completely double-walled, soundproof and heat insulated machine housing made of one piece and completely welded, low energy consumption
  • Reliable functionality, very long service life
  • Long washing treatment and excellent washing results due to nozzle and washing system refined over years
  • Washing frames can be removed and cleaned without any tools, nozzles with large passage and optimized drop size = good cleaning effect + insensitive to pollution
  • Use of first-class attachment parts, e.g. LENZE drive and frequency converter, EDUR pump, stainless steel rotary pump and control cabinet parts of make SIEMENS
Pass-through washing machine
Type PeformanceDimensions
L x W x H in mm
DLWA-250 Highline250 crates/h3300-4800* x 900 x 158011.10.00.44

*Length depends on design of the machine 
  Length of washing zone  incl. post-cleaning (rinsing): 1800mm


Machine layout:

Infeed table

  • 1000mm length for Overhead/One-person operation or connection to materials handling
  • 1500mm length for manual Operation


Conveyor system

  • Longitudinal through-feed with one centre bone chain Scanbelt 1702, clearly slanted for Euro norm crates (standard)
  • Transverse through-feed with one centre bone chain Scanbelt 1702, slanted for Euro norm crates (standard)


Tunnel-pass through height

  • 125 + 200mm E1 and E2 (standard)
  • 125 + 200 + 300mm E1, E2 and E3 (optional)


Washing pump


Stainless steel rotary pump with 7.5kW output at 1000l/min circulation and 3 bar pressure, make EDUR




Plate filter, removable through inspection door for light pollution and daily output of up to 1000 crates


Tank heating


2x10kW electric heating


Main-wash zone length incl. post-cleaning area: 1800mm


Outlet table

  • 500mm for connection to materials handling
  • 1000-1500mm for manual operation with end switch (belt and post-cleaning stops when outlet table is full)




Machine dimensions

  • Infeed table  500-1500mm
  • Wash tunnel 1800mm
  • Outlet table 500-1500mm
  • Total length (depending on layout) 3300-4800mm
  • Machine width 900mm (m. Plattenfiltertank)
  • Machine height 1580mm
  • Operation height 950mm

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