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Crate Washer, Type DLWA 180 Ecoline

of rustproof stainless steel 1.4301

Small Pass-through crate washing machine for cleaning up to 180 euronorm crates (E1 + E2) per hour!

  • Machine housing is completely welded and of rustproof stainless steel
  • Overhead/ One-person Operation
  • Powerful rotary pump
  • Main wash Zone with stainless steel nozzles 
  • Zone post-cleaning with boiler for thermic disinfection
Pass-through crate washing machine  
Type Performance Dimension
 L x W x H in mm
DLWA-180 Eco 180 crates/h 2800-3000 x 820 x 1500

Machine layout:

1. Zone: Main wash zone  


Equipped with a 2.5kW rotary pump with 900l/min circulation at 1 bar.Der Kistentransport vollzieht sich über eine Spirale (Gebrauchsmuster)



Output is evenly distributed on 60 stainless steel nozzles to ensure a thorough cleaning from all 4 sides. The soapsuds is continuously cleaned and filtered by means of a plate filter.


The tank volume is 200l and is equipped with an electric heater with 10kW Output.


The temperature in the main wash zone is 50-55°C.



The crates are let through the tunnel by means of a helix conveyor (utility model UM) to ensure an exact crate-separation and an optimal impact of the soapsuds on the crates from all sides.


2. Zone : Post-cleaning Zone (rinsing)


The crates are thoroughly rinsed with fresh water from all 4 sides. The freshwater must have a minimum temperature of 40°C when supplied to the machine. For water-heating and thermic disinfection of the crates with +82°C a 10kW boiler is integrated in the machine layout. Per hour the machine uses approx. 300l of freshwater.


The machine housing is completely welded and of rustproof stainless steel.

The substructure is most widely made of 3mm long-lasting stainless steel sheet.


Equipment included:

  • Main switch
  • Powerful rotary pump
  • M16 machine feet or stainless steel rolls (please advise when ordering)
  • Overhead/One-person operation
  • Sloping outlet-table for return of residual water from the crates
  • 10kW tank heating and 10kW freshwater boiler

Technical Data

Machine nominal capacity: 180 crates/h (Dim. 600 x 400mm)

Total length:

Wash tunnel 2000mm

Execution with Overhead/One-person operation and outlet table: 2800mm

Execution with inlet- and outlet table (500mm each): 3000mm

Machine width: 820mm

Machine height: 1500mm

Operating height: 900mm

Run-trough width wash tunnel: up to 630mm (adjustable)

Total heating output: 10kW in tank,  Boiler for rinsing 10kW

Pump output: 2,5kW at 900l/min circulation, wash pressure 1bar



Machine Connections:

  • Freshwater with min. 40°C and 3/4", flow pressure min. 1 max 6 bar over water inlet hose attachment, consumption approx. 300l/h
  • Electricity 24kW, 400V, 50Hz
  • Drain 2" in floor drainage system below the tank in immediate proximity to the machine

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