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Crate washing plants

In the field of crate and container washing machines, we offer user-friendly solutions made of stainless steel for your product and operating hygiene.

Our washing systems make it easier to comply with hygienic conditions regarding the cleaning and disinfecting of Euronorm containers/ crates, bakery-baskets, cake- and baking-plates.

Our container washers were designed in the Ecoline and Highline versions and differ in the cleaning performance per container, equipment and application purpose (industries resp. sectors).

For the bakery industry, special washing systems have been designed which meet the requirements for baking- and cake-plates cleaning.

Even with the most complex tasks or spatial conditions, our specialists develop tailor-made stainless steel solutions.

We support you in the economic implementation of your current hygiene requirements and will be glad to advise you in case of weaknesses in the operational hygiene.

We offer perfect solutions in the field of washing plants for different customer requirements and industries.

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Waschanlage DLWA 180-Ecoline  Pass-through-Washer
  DLWA 180-Ecoline

  (180 crates/h)
       Waschanlage DLWA 180-Back Ecoline  Pass-through-Washer
  DLWA 180-Bakery Ecoline

  (180 baskets/h)

Waschanlage DLWA 300-Ecoline  Pass-through-Washer
  DLWA 300-Ecoline

  (300 crates/h)
Waschanlage DLWA 180-Back Ecoline  Pass-through-Washer
  DLWA 300-Bakery Ecoline

  (300 baskets/ h)

Waschanlage Typ DLWA 250-Highline  Pass-through Washer
  DLWA 250-Highline

  (250 crates/h)
Waschanlage Typ DLWA 250-Back Highline  Pass-through-Washer
  DLWA 250-Bakery Highline

  (250 baskets/h or
  150 baking-plates/h)

Waschanlage Typ DLWA 400-Highline  Pass-thorugh-Washer
  DLWA 400-Highline

  (400 crates/h)

Waschanlage Typ DLWA 400-Back Highline  Pass-through Washer
  DLWA 400-Bakery Highline

  (400 crates/h or
  300 baking-plates/h)

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