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Large-room universal cabin washing plant type UWA-GR

of rustproof steinless steel 1.4301

Effective passage cleaning for smoke trolleys, lift and freed trolleys, oven rack, pallet stacks, pallet baskets etc.

Considerable advantages of our machines:

  • Double-walled, soundproof and heat insulated machine housing made of one piece and completely welded, low energy consumption
  • Reliable functionality, very long service life
  • Intensive washing and low consumption of chemicals due to self-cleaning “Crossflow” round hole nozzle pipes with own drive
  • Use of first-class attachment parts, e.g. LENZE drive and frequency converter, EDUR pump, stainless steel centrifugal pump and control cabinet parts of make SIEMENS
  • Large-volume wash tank (approx. 1,800 litres) with large filter surface to take up high dirt freights
  • 2 strong washing pumps with 15 kW output each, high circulation, high pressure
  • Large washing room total washing area e.g. 5.0 m² or individually designed to your needs
  • Maintenance-prone hose connections as well as vulnerable up and down movements are dropped, and the washing system is 100 % self-cleaning.
  • Integrated vapour exhaust on the machine roof

 Type                    Desing  
 Article no.            
  Large room

Dimensions individually matched to your requirements!



  • Tank heating via direct steam with END stainless steel angle seat valve, pneumatically controlled
  • Tank heating via indirect steam or hot water circulation heating with END stainless steel angle seat valve, pneumatically controlled.
    Heat exchanger tube bundle in the wash tank and Spiraxsarco steam trap
  • Heating of fresh water for rinsing via electric boiler with 10 kW output, large boiler housing
  • Heating of fresh water for rinsing via electric boiler with 2x 10 kW output, large boiler housing
  • Heating of fresh water for rinsing via steam heat exchanger, direct or indirect heating
  • Two-door machine with separation of clean/unclean units, including operating panel on both machine ends (the doors can be on opposite sides or also at the front and left side, for example)
  • Racks for various wash items (e.g. pallet rack) on request

Technical data:                     

Mains connection:                  3x 400 V/ N/ PE
Connected load:                     32 kW
Heating power:                      40 kW
Water connection:                  2x 1“, 3-6 bar
Water drain:                           DN70 (discharge in DN 100 bottom drain)
Tank content:                         approx. 1,800 l
Exhaust air:                           DN250 (1,500 m3/ h runs shorty time-controlled to batch start and end)
Compressed-air connection:   1/4“ < 100 l/ h (for steam or hot-water control valve)
With hot-water connection:     1 1/4“(for supply and return)
With steam connection:          1“, 2-6 bar (direct or indirect)

Possible cleaning parts:

  • Smoke trolleys
  • Cook trolleys
  • Lift and feed trolleys
  • Oven rack
  • Pallet stacks
  • 120 litre or 240 litre waste container
  • Pallet baskets
  • Knife basket trolley
  • etc.

Machine description:

  • Infeed slope 300 mm long, consisting of a stable stainless steel bulb plate
  • In case of mounting the machine in the floor (recommended), pit depth approx. 300 mm
  • The whole support is manufactured from very stable 6 mm stainless steel sheet and
    easy to clean to easily removable tread plates with break-throughs
  • Stable stainless steel door, double-walled/double door with 3 tumblers and safety switch monitoring, sealing via easily removable rubber seals, inside feed with 1,650 mm, width in the area of washing is 1,600 mm
  • Wash room with bottom drain and take-up plate
  • Tank made of 6 mm thick stainless steel sheet, stably welded, capacity approx. 1,800 litres
  • Tank heating via 40 kW electrical heating or steam (directly or indirectly)
  • Machine layout double-walled and insulated
  • 2 Wash pumps make EDUR 15 kW (totally 30 kW) on the side of the plant in large maintenance compartment, can be opened via 2 doors
  • Self-cleaning “crossflow spraying” (in total 12 driven nozzle pipes), the spray pipes rotate with changing spray angles for secure covering of the surfaces
  • The “crossflow spraying” is used by us only and has its origin in the industrial high-performance bottle cleaning.
    That way, excellent washing results with low batch duration can be realised
  • The direction and speed of rotation as well as the speed of the nozzles can be separately adjusted, the washing stops with a fresh water final rinsing, here low amounts of rinse agent are added to the water
  • In connection with the forceful suction, the trolleys and cleaning parts quickly dry
  • Due to the nozzle drive via a gear motor, there occur no loss of efficacy as with water-driven nozzle pipes or nozzles.
  • The pumps operate with a pressure of approx. 3.5 - 4.5 bar at a lye circulation of 3,000-3,500 l/ min.
  • Maintenance-intensive hose connections as with nozzle holders are dropped
  • The machine is completely welded and designed with a double wall thereby minimizing emission losses
  • The roof is designed in two-side slopes, thus it is avoided that suds remnants can drip onto the machine interior roof onto the trolley after fresh water rinsing.
  • The suction starts shortly before final rinsing and stops shortly after opening the door, also in the outer area vapour is sucked off and securely discharged via the Karl Klein stainless steel radial fan, thus clearly improving the drying of the trolleys
  • All moisture-sensitive components are located behind the maintenance doors and are easily accessible and safely housed
  • Coarse dirt accumulates in a large filter box at the side of the machine
  • Provided that there is usual soiling, the filter must be cleaned once per shift; this is simply possible via the maintenance doors
  • The pumps and rotating pipe sprays are resistant against caustic soda solution, concentration after clarification
  • Apart from smoke trolleys and cook trolleys, also baskets, forms, coarse dish parts in adjusted take-up trolleys or pallets/ paloxes/ 200 l trolleys can be washed standing/lying and the plant used universally
  • 3 adjustable washing programs with various wash duration and different intensity
  • SIEMENS S7-1200 control with Pro Face touch screen
  • Large washing room total washing area 4.65 m2 or individually designed to your needs.

Crossflow spraying                         


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