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Cabin washing plant type KWA-HBW-200 or 200/300

of rustproof stainless steel 1.4301

For lift and feed trucks 200/300 litres according to DIN 9797

Considerable advantages of our machines:
  • Large wash tank for taking up large amounts of protein soiling, thus no refilling of the tank is required during working hours
  • Low energy consumption, especially thanks to double-wall isolated tanks
  • Stable, completely welded machine with massive frame and high material thicknesses
  • Due to 180° position of the trolley, the cleaning of all sides is possible (also in the area of the wheels and the bottom)
  • SIEMENS S7 with monitor control and display of all parameters, wash programs at password-protected level can be individually adjusted
  • Strong washing pump with 15 kW output, high circulation and high pressure
  • First-class attachment parts, e.g. EDUR pump, SIEMENS control cabinet components, FESTO pneumatic parts, LENZE drives and DANFOSS solenoid valves
  • All gear motors can be easily dismounted via shrink disc connections
  • Very good parts and service availability
  • Hedgehog nozzle enables thorough cleaning of the container interior, nozzle head can be screwed off and is thus easy to clean
  • Interior floor with sloped plates above washing tank, washing water is guided from the machine outside into the filter area and from there into the tank. Advantage: No direct soiling in the machine interior, no coarse dirt in the tank

 Type                   Capacity HBW       
 Article no.            
  1x 200 ltr.
  1x 200 oder 300 ltr.


  • Drum filter for automatic dirt discharge with separate drive and extra large dirt trap in 200 l HBW
    (Drum diameter 700mm, drum length 1,500mm)
  • Extraction via KARL KLEIN stainless steel radial fan, time-controlled via the program, in operation 1,500 m3/ h at 800 Pa
  • Tank heating via direct steam with END stainless steel angle seat valve, pneumatically controlled
  • Tank heating via indirect steam or hot water circulation heating with END stainless steel angle seat valve, pneumatically controlled, heat exchanger tube bundle in the wash tank and Spiraxsarco steam trap
  • Heating of fresh water for rinsing via electric boiler with 10 kW output, large boiler housing
  • Heating of fresh water for rinsing via electric boiler with 2x 10 kW output, large boiler housing
  • Heating of fresh water for rinsing via steam heat exchanger, direct or indirect heating
  • Special support for similar container sizes on request

Technical Data:

Mains connection:                         3x 400 V/ N/ PE (depending on the equipment)
Connected load:
- Steam heating:                          
16 kW
- Electric heating (10 kW):         
approx. 40-50 kW (incl. 10 kW flushing boiler)
- Electric heating (20 kW):         
approx. 40-50 kW (incl. 20 kW flushing boiler)
- Hot water heating:                    
27 kW
Water connection:                       
3/4“, temp. 10-85° C, min. 3-6 bar
Water drain:                                  
DN50 (discharge in bottom drain)
Tank content:                                
1000 l
Air connection:                              
Exhaust air:                                    
With hot-water connection:       
1 1/4“(for supply and return)
With steam connection:              
1-6 bar (direct or indirect)

Machine description:
The cleaning parts is tilted into the washing room at 180° C, with the internal and external nozzles being driven. That way, excellent washing results with short batch time and low detergent and fresh water consumption can be realized.


  • Stainless steel cup-shaped feet to compensate floor unevenness, adjustable thread M16.
    Main frame on which the pump and the whole machine housing rest is made of very stable profile pipe 80/80/3 mm
  • Main and auxiliary tank in 2mm thickness with drain and hand hole
  • Upper structure made of 2mm thick stainless steel sheet covering the support and tightly welded
  • In the front area with corresponding interior enforcing for absorbing the forces arising in the door area 1 massive gear motor (200 kg own weight) with an extremely rigid shaft for loading. Upper door flap closes via pneumatic system
  • Roof made of 2 mm thick stainless steel sheet with enforcement for taking up the gear motor for exterior washing and the suction motor
  • Cleaning of up to 30 trolleys per hour (200 l or 300 l trolleys), with normal to strong soiling; 15-25 pieces
  • Program with selectable treatment durations (standard equipment with 3 adjustable times)
  • 15 kW EDUR stainless steel centrifugal pump 1,500l/ min at 4 bar wash pressure
  • Large exterior filter, optionally right, left or at the reverse side of the plant, alternatively drum filter with discharge screw conveyor
  • Final rinsing with line pressure via separate pipe and nozzle system
  • In the infeed area, a protective fence is attached with a safety locking and proximity switch
  • External cleaning of the trolleys takes place through a driven nozzle arm
  • Internal cleaning also takes place via a “hedgehog head nozzle” that swivels over the main drive
  • The wash tank has a capacity of approx. 1,000 litres.
  • Heating of final rinsing and the washing tank via electricity, hot water or steam
  • Water consumption per rinsing cycle: 10-30 litres (adjustable, depending on the pollution degree and the desired final rinse result)
  • Very stable housing, DOUBLE-WALLED Tank (completely welded)
  • SIEMENS S7-1200 control with SIEMENS touch screen monitor




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