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HDPE skirting protection

of polyethylene (HDPE 500)Made in Germany

  • Only for indoor use (not UV-resistant)
  • Complies with flammability class B2
  • Easy to install using screws or special adhesive tapes
  • Extremely shock and impact resistant
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Easy to maintain and resistant to fats and the usual cleaning agents
  • Cold resistant to -30 ° C
  • Retrofitting is also possible at any time during reconstruction work
  • Dimensions fully adapted to customer specific requirements
  • Physiologically harmless in the food sector
  • High quality, short delivery times, custom made


Areas of applicationHDPE-Wandrammschutzprofile in Kombination mit Eckschutzprofilen

Our HDPE wall protection is particularly suitable for all commercial and industrial buildings, sports facilities, schools, public buildings, hospitals and nursing homes, restaurants, airports, railway stations, The material fulfills the flammability class B2, is physiologically sound, extremely shock and impact resistant, easy to maintain and resistant to greases and usual cleaning agents as well as cold-resistant up to -30 ° C.

Wall protection profiles made of polyethylene are particularly suitable for installation in rooms and corridors with persons and transport.

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Assembly / Mounting


  • Simple countersunk hole with visible screw connection
    Einfache Senklochbohrung mit sichtbarer Verschraubung
  • Blind hole incl. (almost invisible screw connection)

    Sacklochbohrung mit Verschlussstopfen (nahezu unsichtbare Verschraubung)

  • Invisible fixing by means of clamping profile

    HDPE-Rammschutz mit unsichtbarer Befestigung mittels Klemmprofil

  • Undrilled for mounting by means of special adhesive tape applied at the factory*

    *The gluing of the profiles is only on absolutely smooth, dry and grease-free substrates
    by means of special adhesive tape. The weight of the wall protection profile is also decisive.
    A mechanical fixation is preferable to gluing.


Montagebeispiel: HDPE-Rammschutzprofile

The wall protection profiles are manufactured in standard lengths of 2060 mm. The height of the profiles can be selected between 50 and 1000 mm.

Cut-to-length profiles according to customer requirements as well as special dimensions are possible at an extra charge.

Length: 2060 mm (standard)
Height: 50 - 1000 mm (in the 50 mm grid)
Thickness: 10 - 50 mm (in the 5 mm grid)

Profiling species


The edge profiling can be selected individually for each edge - top and bottom edge as well as end edges. Various standard profiles are available for this purpose.

Opens external link in new windowPlease ask for an individual profile.

If a silicone seal is required for the profiles, we recommend the insertion of a mechanical silicone joint (see Silicone Joint under Options).

Color palette (HDPE food)

HDPE-Farbpalette lebensmittelecht
Colors similar to RAL. If necessary, please request a color sample of the material!

Corners and finishing profiles

Inside corners

HDPE-Wandschutzecke mit Gehrung   Wandschutzecke zum Aufklappen


Internal corners are available in two different versions: Miter cut (two-piece) or flap (one-piece).

Outside corners

HDPE-Wandschutz mit Nut und Feder

Outside corners are available as tongue and groove joints - with a closed rounded edge - or as a flap corner. For external corners, the second groove and tongue design is recommended.

End Termination

HDPE-Wandschutz mit Endabschluss   HDPE-Wandabschluss mit direktem Anschluss an Türzarge

If the wall protection is to be closed freely, an end seal can be made at the factory with the profiling of your wall protector. For a connection to a door frame, or an inside corner of the masonry, a straight cut with a saw cut on the construction site is sufficient. End caps are manufactured with standard lengths of 100 or 200 mm.

Individual lengths are possible after consultation.


HDPE material for outdoor use

HDPE-500 UV material (black) is available for outdoor use (UV resistant) on request and with a minimum weight of 400 kg!

Silicone joint

HDPE-Wandschutz mit Silikonfuge (OPTION)

Due to the surface properties of polyethylene, a normal bonding of

sealants such as silicone is not possible. If the builder insulates the wall protection profiles with silicone, a silicone-sided silicone joint (rear milled) is required. This keeps the silicone mechanically on the profile.

Socket recess

HDPE-Wandschutz mit Sockelaussparung (OPTION)

For the form-fitting transition to a tiled base, a base recess can be inserted at the factory. As a result, spaces in which dirt can collect can be avoided.

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