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ACROLEN MED wall protection

made of acrylic vinyl (antibacterial)

Made in Germany

  • Easy to clean structured surface
  • Easy installation by gluing to the wall
  • Complies with flammability class B1
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Extremely scratch-resistant and weather-resistant
  • Impact resistant with high stiffness
  • Standard plate dimensions: 2 x 1500 x 3000 mm
  • L-, U- and Z-parts for covering door frames
  • Geometrical figures or wave cuts possible
  • Complete, antibacterial wall cladding system
  • Active antimicrobial protection kills microbes
  • Long-lasting protection
  • Stops frequent cleaning
  • Antibacterial properties are retained even after processingn

Areas of application

Flame retardant wall protection with antibacterial finish. Wall protection ACROLEN-MED (antibacterial) is equipped with an active antimicrobial protection. A large number of microbes and molds are proven to be eliminated on the surface of the wall protection profiles.

This is primarily intended for areas with increased hygienic requirements (e.g., Op areas, clean rooms). By adding an additive, e.g. Bacteria on the surface and can be removed by normal cleaning. The antibacterial effect remains.

After the health authorities have considerably increased the hygienic standards for foodstuffs, medical facilities, gastronomy operators, meat processing companies and many other organizations, ACROLEN-MED is the ideal material to meet these requirements.

In addition, ACROLEN-MED plates have self-extinguishing properties and meet the most stringent international standards fire protection classifications.


The assembly is carried out by means of full-surface bonding on the substrate. The suitable mounting adhesive is available from us. The material can be adapted on site with woodworking machines (socket outlets, wave cut, etc.).

Material thickness 2 mm: guarantees a sufficient stiffness of the plates and thus allows a simple, trouble-free assembly.

ATTENTION: Please observe our assembly instructions before installation.

ACROLEN Overview

ACRoLEN (Acryl Vinyl) Übersicht

Material properties

Germs have no chance

When microorganisms come into contact with the plate surface, moisture is produced which activates the ions and kills the germs. The dead germs are removed by wiping with water or cleaning fluids.

ACROLEN-MED Wandschutz-Antibakterielle Ausstattung homogen im Material verteilt     ACROLEN-MED Wandschutz-mit antibakterieller Ausstattung

ACROLEN-MED Wandschutz-tötet Mikroben bei Kontakt mit der Oberfläche ab     ACROLEN-MED Wandschutz-einfache Reinigung des Profils

In addition, ACROLEN-MED is impact and scratch-resistant and does not have any temporary decomposition due to the synthetic ingredients. This ensures a consistent quality standard in the antibacterial as well as antimicrobial effect and lifts the equipment of the device to a new level.

ACROLEN-MED-Wandschutz-Wirksam gegen eine Vielzahl von Mikroben

Corners and finishes

Inside corners

The inner corners are fitted with a blunt thrust. Therefore, no parts are required from the factory.

Outside corners

ACROLEN (Acryl-Vinyl) Wandschutz - Außenecke

Outside corners are manufactured at the height of the wall protection profile and can be ordered in individual trolley lengths. A flap is manufactured which can be easily adjusted on site.

Edge protection

For areas where the edge is to be protected higher than the wall protection profiles, an edge protection profile is recommended over the entire height. Possible lengths from 30 x 30 mm to 100 x 100 mm.

    • Molded part, 2 mm thickness, with rounded bumper
      (maximum delivery length 1500 mm)
    • Mold part, 3 mm thickness, with rounded bumper
      (Delivery length 3000 mm) exclusively in pure white
    • Flap in lengths up to 2440 mm. Inconspicuous design are also available on request.

    ACROLEN-Wandschutz-Kantenschutzproil als Klappecke

    End terminations

    If the wall protector ends on a frame, no end seal is required. If the wall protection ends without a connection, the end can either be grouted or adjusted by a phase.

    ACROLEN-WAndschutz-Endabschluss mit Anschluss an Zarge


    Broken or milled edges

    If the cut edges of the profile are not to be grouted, a broken or rounded edge is recommended.

    Special shapes and design

    In addition to the standard profiles, it is possible to make appealing designs or optically enhancing special shapes (e.g., wave cut). The wall protector can be unobtrusively adapted or installed as a single design element. All visible edges of the plates and profiles are deburred.


    Cut-outs for sockets and light switches can be milled on the factory or on the spot. For the preparation in the factory, we need a sketch.


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