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Wall protection systems

In the column wall protection, we offer solid solutions made of stainless steel and polyethylene-plastic for different customer needs and industries.

We offer high-quality high-quality stainless steel skirting protection rails as well as protection pillars for the protection of your doors, high-speed doors, sliding doors, walls and walls.

We also supply edge protection (corner protectors) made of stainless steel or polyethylene plastic, which reliably protect your edges against damage. We also offered socket skirting protection made of high-quality stainless steel for reasonable protection against damage by transport devices etc.

In addition, our product portfolio is rounded off by the robust HDPE plastic wall protection profiles, which are available in many different shapes, colors and material thicknesses. The assembly is very simple, both for gluing as well as for screwing on walls.

Even in the most complicated tasks or spatial conditions, our experts develop customized solutions.

We support the economic conversion of your current problem.

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Skirting protection rails and pillars  Rails/ pillars
Skirting protection)

edge protection   Edge protection  




Socket skirting protection made of stainless steel  Socket skirting protection
  (Stainless steel)

   Skirting protectionRammschutzplatte (HDPE-500) Schneidplatten


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