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Smoke trolley, Type RW-ST/ Z

Made of stainless steel 1.4301

Standard execution in Z-form

  • Solid frame –construction
  • Smoke trolley in Z-form
    --> ADVANTAGE: space-saving storage!
  • 6-floors, floor-clearance 270mm
  • Layer type 4 for 900 mm resp 1000 mm long smoke sticks
  • Open wheel-case with 6 wheels made of polyamide (D=150 mm)
  • Middle wheels with breakdown torque
  • Loading capacity: 500 kg
We tailor your smoke trolleys according to your requirements!
Smoke trolley Type RW-ST/ Z
Type FormStick lengthDimensions
W x D x H in mm
RW-ST/Z   900 Z-form    900 mm   915 x  900 x 195040000044
RW-ST/Z 1000 Z-form  1000 mm 1015 x 1000 x 195040000045

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- Closed wheel case
- Wheels with roll-and ball bearing
- Layer type on request
- Floor and ground clearance on request
- Higher loading capacity on request

Advantages of MOHN smoke-trolleys:

- Completely made of stainless steel
- Proper welded and stained frame-construction
- Heat-resitant, long-living wheels
- Wide choice of different layer types

Layer type:

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