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Lift and tilting device type HKV-E2

nearly complete made of stainless steel 1.4301 Edelstahl rostfrei

For lift and tilt euronorm-container
Special chain break protection
Safety class IP 65!

  • Solid industrial execution guarenteed long-life
  • Microplasted stainless steel surface
  • Stationary version or optional with chassis
  • Payload 350 kg  (incl. euronorm-container)
  • High pressure cleaning resistant, safety class IP 65
  • Mechanical safety precautions
  • Special executions on request possible!
Lift and tilt device type HKV-E2
Type Execution

Lifting height
 in mm

Article no.
HKV-E2 1700-A Typw A 1400 - 1700
HKV-E2 1700-B Type B  1400 - 1700 on request

Technichal Data

Power supply:           
  3x 400 V; 50 Hz
Performance:              0,75 kW
Payload:                      350 kg (incl. euronorm container)
Lifting speed:               5 m/min
Tilt angle:                    35°
Adjustability:               2 steps, each 150 mm
                                     (Machine preset on maximum lifting height!)
Safety class:               IP 65



The execution of the lifting and tilting device is determined by the type and viscosity of the bulk material and, if necessary, extended by special chutes, hoppers, lift forks or lifting platforms. Thus, the tilting devices can be adapted for almost any application.

Up to a tipping height of 2300 mm, the lifting and tilting device can provided with a chassis.


  • Chassis, art.-no.: 18003030 bzw.180003031
  • Safety cages on request!
  • Execution type C-90° and type D-90° on request!

Special drop safety:

The fall arrester is made of stainless steel and consists of a 4 mm thick U-profile rail with rectangular fixing holes and a pressure spring activated 25 mm fork.


(See picture 1 & picture 2)


(Picture 1)                                                                    (Picture 2)


The fall protection comes into operation for breaking the chain, or if the chain sags. When that happens, the compression spring is released and the fork turns into the fixing holes and bring the load to an immediate stop.


Unlike conventional lifting-tilting a service call is not necessary after initiation of mechanical safety device!



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