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Scissor lifting-table type HUB

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Ergonomic pallet holder by pallet truck

  • U-Form lifting-table in "Hygienic-Design"
  • EHEDG & FDA recognized equipment
  • Single-scissor construction in flat stainless steel
  • Standard with lifting-Zylinder "type 2" 
    (epoxy-coated), optional in stainless steel available
  • Specially shaped, cleanable stainless safety edge trim
  • Corners of the safety edge with cleaning opening
  • Freestanding or wall-mounted hydraulic unit
  • Open subframe or rail system
  • Cleaning arm made of flat steel ensures a high level of cleaning
(L x W x H ) in mm
Art. no.
HUB-1000 B pallets  715 mm    650 kg 1450 x  1085 x 85 mm
HUB-2000  pallets  695 mm 1.600 kg 1500 x  1200 x 105 mm


Hygienic-Design Ausführung leicht zur Reinigen


  • Increased hygiene effectiveness through "Hygiene Design"
  • Increased cleaning and disinfecting efficiency through:
    • Sustainable resources reduction / ecological-cconomic
    • = Lower consumption of water, detergents and disinfectants
    • 50% less time spent moistening, foaming and cleaning
    • Significant reduction in ongoing operating costs
  • Wide know-how for the right solution and best ergonomic
  • Greater food safety by reducing the risk of cross-contamination

Technical data

Height in closed conditions
   Type HUB-1000: 85 mm
   Type HUB-2000: 105 mm

   Type HUB-1000: 715 mm
   Type HUB-2000: 695 mm

Total height in extended condition: 1050 mm

   Type HUB-1000: 12 seconds
   Type HUB-2000: 16 seconds

   Type HUB-1000: 0,75 kW
   Type HUB-2000: 1,1 kW

   Type HUB-1000: 235 kw
   Type HUB-2000: 325 kg


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