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Wall boards type WB

Made of stainless steel 1.4301

Wall boards in fixed or height-adjustable execution are applicable for all kinds of industry and product-ranges

  • Design in 1.0 mm material strength
  • Boards, chamfered on 3 sides, rear backsplash
  • Board underside open
  • 2 different versions
  • Solidly welded (type WB-A) or height-adjustable (type WB-B)
  • Wall board type WB-A, with solidly welded consoles for wall mounting
  • Wall board type WB-B, including wall rail (800 mm long) for height adjustment
Wall boards type WB
Type VersionsDimensions
W x D x H  in mm
WB-A 1-level/ solidly welded as desired by the customer20.00.00.73
WB-B 1 1-level/ height-adjustable as desired by the customer x H 80020.00.02.75
WB-B 2 2-level/ height-adjustable as desired by the customer x H 80020.00.02.43
WB-B 3 3-level/ height-adjustable as desired by the customer x H 800

Other versions on request!



  •  Board underside closed for more hygienic on request! 
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