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Waste sluice type AFS

of rustproof stainless steel 1.4301Edelstahl rostfrei

Waste separation with system- Clean hygienic areas !



  • Waste separation purity from impurity region
  • Reduced cleaning staff volume of traffic
  • Elimination regular refuse container emptying
  • Shaft system with pendulum flap
  • Disposal corridor side (impurity region):
    • Double-wing doors
    • Level viewing window

  Waste sluice type AFS  
Type Design Dimensions
W x D x H in mm
Art. no.
    AFS-PK 40       Paper basket 40 liter
  560 x 360 x 1200    
  AFS-MSH     Bin bag     610 x 635 x 1500  
  AFS-PB/K     Pallet box - small     1450 x 1185 x 1350  
  AFS-PB/ G     Pallet box - big     1450 x 1185 x 1740  


Different designs for different waste arisings

We supply various system solutions from waste locks for different waste arisings .

For low to medium waste arisings in clean areas, we offer waste sluice (locks) with removable trash can  and a volume of 40 liters (type AFS PK 40). However, larger-scale (60 liters or 100 liters) trash cans (dust bins) are possible. 




We offer the waste slucie (drop lock) type AFS-MSH for waste management through bin bags for commercial 120-130 ltr. garbage bin bags.

For large quantities of waste, please request our disposal solutions on pallet boxes and large boxes. Waste sluices (drop locks) of type AFS-PB / K (small) or AFS PB / G (large) have disposal over other doors for hand pallet loading with the corresponding boxes. 

Facilitated waste disposal

Thereby sensitive production areas looks clean, we have developed in close cooperation with our customers a drop lock made of stainless steel. This is built into the wall between pure and impure areas, thereby keeping the waste from hygiene products.

Reduction of personal traffic volume in hygienic areas




Regular emptying of conventional waste containers is eliminated and so the movement of the cleaning staff in the hygiene areas. The internal transport traffic in the hygiene areas is reduced because waste containers no longer need to be driven to the evacuation.




For installation of the well of the waste sluice with swing flap is pushed through a cut-out of the impurity region, screwed in a clean area with a frame and veneered clean with endplate. Now the staff can throw the waste through the swing flap in the waste container. On the impure side is a window made of plastic in the stainless steel construction, so that the level can be easily monitored.


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