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Portal Turnstile, Type PKD

Made of stainless steel1.4301 Rustproof stainless steel

High-quality portal turnstile for personal-seperation and access control.

  • Completely made of stainless steel 1.4301, surface brushed
  • Turnstile pillar with 120° transition-rhythm
  • Suitable for wet and outdoor areas
  • With sloping roof in hygienic design
  • Vandalism-proof turnstile device
  • Mechanic (PDK-M) or electric (PDK-E)
  • For floor-assembly
  • Height clearance: ca 2100 mm
  • Freely-turnable in case of emergency or blackout (only PDK-E)
  • Interface to reader: potential-free contacts (only PDK-E)
  Made in Germany       Hygienic Design

  Portal Turnstile, Type PKD  
Type Execution Dimensions W x D x H in mm Art.-Nr.
    PDK-E       Electric       1600 x 1600x 2400    
  PDK-M     Mechanic     1600 x 1600 x 2400  


Technical Data:

Power supply:            230V /N/PE; 50 Hz
Performance:             0,2 kW
Temperature range:  -25° C bis + 40° C
Weight:                       ca. 200 kg


- Access control resp. data-detection system on request
- Handdisinfection devices hier

Description (PDK-E):

Portal turnstile for automatic access control for wet and outdoor areas. The passing person moves the turnstile with little strength into the next basic position. The turning-speed depends on the person who passes the turnstile. When nobody passes during the pre-adjusted transition-time, the corresponding release is cancelled. In case of emergency the turnstile could be turned freely in both directions.

The solid construction avoids climbing over and thus unauthorised access.

The PDK-E has potential-free contacts e.g. for card-readers or connected handdisinfection devices.


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