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Sole Cleaning Machine, Type Sole-Master Highline

Made of stainless steel 1.4301
  • Solid and functional MOHN construction
  • Easy installation and commissioning
  • Dosage adjustable via dosage system
  • Minimal expenditure of energy
  • Integrated can


Sole Cleaning Machine


W x D x H in mm



715 x 410 x 1025

Sole-Master Dry

715 x 410 x 1025


- foot pedestral, Article-No:

Technical Data:

Power supply:          230 V N/PE 50/60 Hz
Water outflow:         1 1/2”
Water inflow:           3/4”, max. 43°C
Performance:           0,2 kW


A horizontally positioned rotating brush with two laterally arranged disk-like brushes warrant a trouble-free cleaning of soles and sole edges. Furthermore, the complete shaft leather can be systematically cleaned from contamination with the brush. The machine is activated through a capacitive sensor in the handle. Through a nozzle unit sole and edge brushes are simultaneously sprayed with cleaning detergent and water in a well-aimed manner. Dosage of cleaning detergent is adjustable by means of a dosage system.

Design Sole-Master-Dry:

The Sole-Master-Dry is especially released for food processing industries (e.g. bakeries) where no water spreading is allowed. This machine is equipped with a removable crumble-tray instead of the dosage system and the water inflow.

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