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2-lane hygiene control point "Control-Star-HIGHLINE"

Made of stainless steel 1.4301

Two-lane compelled-guided cleaning and disinfection of soles and hands in pass-through procedure at high-frequented production entrances

  • Solid and hygienic construction
  • With handrails on both sides for a secure stand
  • All inner parts easy to serve by means of inspection flap
  • Automatic soap and disinfection dispenser with turnstile
  • Non-finessing sensor-operated compelled-guidance
  • Vandalism-proof electric turnstile made of stainless steel (10 years warranty*)
  • Sensor-operated brushes by steping on the device
  • Multi LED-signal display (RED-YELLOW-GREEN)
  • Security-option by means of emergency-switch-off
  • SIEMENS-control-System, free programmable
  • Optical display in case of a lack of disinfectant or pollution of sensor

*on turnistle mechanics


Type       Execution                Dimensions
W x D x H in mm


 Entrance: disinfection basin and dripping zone
 Exit: brushes 1600 mm length

 1710 x 2610 x 1680


 Entrance: brushes 1600 mm length
 Exit: brushes 1600 mm length
 1710 x 2610 x 1680
 Entrance: disinfection basin and dripping zone
 Exit: brushes 1600 mm length
 1500 x 2610 x 1680
2000-B/B-15 Entrance: brushes 1600 mm length
 Exit: brushes 1600 mm length
 1500 x 2610 x 1680


Technical Data:

Main connection:       3 x 400 V/N/PE; 50-60 Hz
Power:                       1,25-1,5 kW / Fuse:          16 A
Water connection:     3/4" AG, Mixing water max. 43° C
Drain:                         2x 2" (DN 50)



  • Boot cleaning module, Boot-Star I-M with bypass for persons wearing Clogs indlcuding platform on request
  • Knife basket chute for entry lane, Art.-no.
  • Document tray type II (sheet), Art.-no.
  • Handrails and gates on request
  • Can holder in closed and lockable Version on request
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