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Hygiene control point Combiclean-Control "Highline"

of rustproof stainless-steel 1.4301 Stainless steel

For compelled-guided cleaning and disinfection of soles & boots and disinfection of hands in pass-through-procedure

  • Solid and hygienic construction
  • Both-sided handrails for secure stand
  • Easy to service, all inner parts are reachable by means of inspection flaps
  • Liquid-quantity adjustable by means of dosage system
  • Brushes easily dismountable without tools, thereby easy and fast cleaning possible
  • High-bristle-quality
  • Duration of brushes adjustable
  • Sensor-operated sole-cleaning for access and way back
  • Security-option by means of emergency-switch-off
  • Solid height-adjustable stainless-steel feet
  • Handdisinfection device with nozzles
  • Vandalism-proof, electric turnstile made of stainless steel
    (10 years warranty*)
  • Barrier-arm on the handrail
  • Multi-LED-Signal display (RED-YELLOW-GREEN)
  • Optical display in case of a lack of disinfectant as well as sensor-pollution resp. defect
  • Leftover-collection container
  • With potential-free contact, e.g. for door-opener, card-reader

*for turnstile mechanics

     Made in Germany   


Combiclean-Control "Highline"
TypeLength of brushesDimensions
W x D* x H in mm
 Art. - no
Combiclean-C 1100     700 mm 1100 x 1905 x 1800

Combiclean-C 1500   1100 mm 1100 x 2305 x 180010.00.00.35
Combiclean-C 2000   1600 mm 1100 x 2805 x 180010.00.00.37

*plus 305mm for stairs per side


  • Turnstile motoric operated
  • Turnstile with escape route function, art-no.:
  • Turnstile way-back electric, art.-no.:
  • Covered can holderr, art.-no.:
  • Knife-basket slide & document tray on request
  • Stainless steel handrail resp. conducting barriers
  • Execution for floor-assembly on request

Technical Data:

Power supply:
           3 x 400 V/N/PE; 50/ 60 Hz
Performance:            1,7 kW
Fuse:                         16 A
Water connection:     3/4" AG, mix water max. 43° C
Drain:                         2" (DN 50)


The hygiene control point type "Combiclean-Control Highline" serves for ideal cleaning and disinfection of soles and for disinfection of hands at a high amount of hygiene-security by means of compelled-guidance.

Two horizontal rotating brushes with high-quality bristles, covered by a rust guarantee a thorough cleaning and resp. disinfection of soles at a minimal consumption of time and energy. By means of a capacitive sensor the cleaning of the boots is activated. After both hands get detected in the openings of the handdisinfection device by means of the two sensors, the turnstile gets activated for one turn.

At a blackout or when the emergency-switch off gets pushed, the turnstile is freely turnable in both directions. The addition of the cleaning and disinfection detergent is automatically made by means of an adjustable dosage system. The brushes are easily dismountable without tools, thereby easy and fast cleaning is ensured.


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