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Hygiene control point Clean-Check "Highline"

of rustproof stainless steel 1.4301 Stainless stseel

1-lane, forcibly guided disinfection of the soles & hands.
Person separation: Approval after terminated medium application only!

  • Highline version with vandalism-proof turnstile
    (10 years guarantee)*
  • Hygienic design
  • Design with left-hand or right-hand passage direction available
  • 2-hand automatic disinfection dispenser including tamper-proof sensorics
  • Way back electrically released or permanently blocked
  • SIEMENS-LOGO Control, free programmable
  • Sensor-controlled brush roll rotation for both ways
  • Brush rolls removable without tool
  • Dosage of the application quantity adjustable
  • Optical empty-can message by multi-LED
  • Including can holder
  • Also as dry version available (for ex. bakery industry)
*for the turnstile mechanism!

Type Brush lengthDimensions
L x W x H in mm
 Art. no.


 400 mm

 1410 x 1060 x 1785


 700 mm 1710 x 1060x 1785


 1100 mm 2110 x 1060 x 1785


 1600 mm 2610 x 1060 x 1785


 400 mm1410 x 1060 x 1785


 700 mm1710 x 1060 x 1785


 1100 mm2110 x 1060 x 1785


 1600 mm2610 x 1060 x 1785

Technical Data:

Main connection:     3 x 400 V/N/PE; 50-60 Hz
Power:                     0,6 kW / Fuse:          16 A
Water connection:   3/4" AG, Mixing water max. 43° C
Drain:                       2" (DN 50)


  • Lateral entry or exit, Article no.
  • Document tray, type I (wire), Article no.
  • Document tray, type II (sheet metal), Article no.
  • Disinfection bath + drip tray, instead of brush rolls (type Desi-Check) on request
  • 2-hand soaping instead of hand disinfection, Article no.


The Clean-Check serves for ideal cleaning and disinfection of soles and for disinfection of hands at a high amount of hygiene-security by means of compelled-guidance.

Two horizontal rotating brushes with high-quality bristles, covered by a rust guarantee a thorough cleaning and resp. disinfection of soles at a minimal consumption of time and energy. The rotation of the brushes gets acitvated by means of sensor-operation.

While passing the device the soles get cleaned and disinfected by means of the outstanding bristles. After both hands get detected in the openings of the handdisinfection device by means of the two sensors, the turnstile gets activated for one turn. At a blackout or when the emergency-switch off gets pushed, the turnstile is freely turnable in both directions.

The addition of the cleaning and disinfection detergent is automatically made by means of an adjustable dosage system. The brushes are easily dismountable without tools, thereby easy and fast cleaning is ensured.


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