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Hygiene Control Points type Check-In-Station

Check-In-Stations are especially created for high-frequented hazard areas where a hygiene sluice couldn’t be planned into the premises on site but rather be solved modularly.

Check-In-Stations always consist of different combinable modules like e.g. pass-through sole-cleaning, pass-through disinfection-tub with drip-off zone, wash basin, hand-towel dispenser and paper basket, two-hand soap- resp. disinfection with or without turnstile. Those are planned according to the customers wishes and the conditions on site.

The below shown drawing as well as the reference-picture give an overview of the possibilities we have, to tailor a hygiene sluice according to your requirements.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for planning the ideal hygiene sluice for you.

Hygieneschleuse Check-In-Station Typ I  Check-In-Station Typ I

Hygieneschleuse Check-In-Station Typ II   Check-In-Station Typ II


Hygieneschleuse Check-In-Station Typ III  Check-In-Station Typ III

 Hygieneschleusen Impressionen  Impressions


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