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Hand wash basin type HWB-HL resp. -KV "Highline"

of rustproof stainless steel 1.4301

Hand Wash Basin with Rear wall
Elective sensor or manual knee operation

  • Surface stainless steel brushed
  • Knee or sensor operation
  • "Hygienic design" design
    No straight surfaces!
  • Indoor pool complete with rounded corners, radius R20
  • Washing place width: 500 mm
  • Stainless steel outlet tap including water-saving tap aerator
  • Easy-adjustable sensor in outlet tap
  • 24 V DC technology, Sensor reach adjustable
  • Thermostat mixing valve including check valve
  • Wall mounting rail

Made in Germany

Hand wash basin, Type HWB
 Type                   Versions        wash-place
 W x D x H in mm   



 500 mm

 500 x 410 x 645

HWB-HL 1/K Knee-operated 500 mm 500 x 410 x 645
HWB-HL 1/35 Sensor-operated 500 mm 500 x 350 x 645


Technical Data:

Power supply:                                              230 V; 50/60 Hz
Working Power:                                           24 V DC
Fuse:                                                             16 A
Drain:                                                            1 1/2"
Connection to mixing valve:                       3/4" (cold + warm water)*
Operating level:                                            min 2,5 bar, max. 6 bar

Foot frames / base structures:

  • Foot frame type FG-I , Article no.
  • Foot frame type FG-II, Article no.
  • Foot frame type FG-III, Article no.
  • Base cabinet with revolving door, Article no.


  • Wall spacer, Article no.
  • Rear wall panelling, Article no.
  • Medium cover facing, Article no.
  • Medium supply „Power“ from top, Article no.
  • Medium supply „Water“ from top, Article no.
  • Flow water heater (3.5 kW), Article no.



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