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Stab protection apron cleaner type SSR-H

of rustproof stainless steel 1.4301

For high-pressure cleaning of cut protection aprons in meat industry 

  • Solid and functional construction
  • Easy installation and handling
  • Stab protection apron cleaning with high-pressure
  • Adjustable chemical dosing system
  • Complete removal of meat scraps resp. meat filaments


Stab protection apron cleaner type SSR-H


W x D x H in mm*

 Art. no.



  610 x 560 x 1000/1500

*without can holder

Technical Data:

Main connection:
     400 V 3~ N/PE; 50/60 Hz.
Power:                         7,5 kW
Water connection:   3/4" max. 30°C; min. 2,5 bar; min. 20 l./min.
Water drain:             1 1/2" (DN 40)


  • Stab protection aprons on request
  • Knife baskets on request


The stab protection apron cleaner has been specially designed for cleaning and disinfecting of stab protection mesh aprons in meat processing plants. Even heavily soiled mesh aprons can be completely freed and disinfected of meat and fat residues of this new cleaning system in about 15-20 seconds, depending on the pollution.

The stab protection mesh apron is held by the operator in a special sinkhole and sprayed on targeted movements with high pressure water. A foot pedal is activated the high pressure water jet.

Meat residues and fibers are thereby completely removed from the stab protection (lancing protection) aprons and rinsed into the underlying collecting container.

Even the dirt in the fingertips is completely removed and thoroughly cleaned. In order to optimize the cleaning result the water is automatically supplied via a dosing detergent.

The collection container is provided with a sliding cover that allows easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

Sideway of the housing a canister holder for the cleaning agent is mounted. A selector switch with indicator light, the machine is turned on.


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