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Apron Cleaning Machine type Apron-Master

Made of stainless steel 1.4301

For cleaning of rubber- & stainless steel aprons

  • Solid and functional MOHN construction
  • Automatic dosage of cleaning detergent
  • Sensor-operation
  • Intergrated can holder
  • Height adjustable feet

Made in Germany 


Apron Cleaning Machine


W x D x H in mm



1745 x 410 x 870

Technical Data:
Water outflow:           1 1/2” plug valve
Water inflow:             3/4”, max. 43°C
Power supply:            3 x 400 V; 50/60 Hz
Performance:             0,5 kW

By means type "Apron-Master" a fast and efficient cleaning of aprons with minimal time and energy expenditure is possible. Two horizontally rotating brushes make an easy and efficient cleaning possible. The operation of brushes and the spraying of detergent are activated by means of integrated sensors at the front of the machine. They are activated by the cleaning person. Through a nozzle unit the brushes are simultaneously sprayed with cleaning detergent and water in a well-aimed manner.

Dosage of cleaning detergent is adjustable by means of a dosage system. The machine is equipped with a reverse gear. The activation is made by means of the shifter rod. For cleaning of the machine the brushes can be removed easily without means of tools.


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