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Pasteurization grids and drip-off grids made of stainless steel



We tailor according to your requirements!

Ideal zum Pasteurisieren & Auftauen

  • Soid and hygienic
  • Classy stained
  • Fast drip-off after pasteurization
  • Versatile and customizable


  • Wide choice of different executions
  • Fully welded wire mesh and frame
  • Solid and classy stained
  • Surfaces electropolished or teflon on request
  • Press grid: smooth surface for optimal support of your products

Einfach Anfrageformular downloadenausdruckenausfüllen und an uns faxen.

--> Fax-Nr. +49 (0) 23 54-94 45-299

HERE you can download our "Pasteurization grid"-request form.


Baskets for pasteurization are made with consideration of different temperature ranges and variations, smoke and handling conditions. The division is tailored according to the packing-details to ensure that the packed products have a safe stand, and cannot fall over. The advantage of drip-off grids compared to baskets with divisions is flexibility because division is made by the covers of the grids.

For different-sized packings only the cover has to be changed while the actual grid can be used for other purposes.

Bei Fragen zu unseren vielfältigen Pasteurisierungs-Lösungen stehen wir Ihnen auch gerne telefonisch unter +49 (0) 23 54-94 45-0 zur Verfügung.

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