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PC-Cabinets, Type PCS

Made of stainless steel 1.4301

We tailor all PC-cabinets fitting for your EDP-system!
are applicable for all kinds of industry and product-ranges
  • Fully welded execution made of stainless steel
  • Surface brushed
  • Practice-oriented installation and protection of your EDP-system
  • Wall-mounted, on standfeet or mobile
  • 3-sides closed, front with folding doors resp. flap-shelf
  • Height-adjustable monitor-shelf with polycarbonated glas
  • Keyboard and mouse with high-quality leaf
  • Splashing water protected execution (IP 54)
  • Floor-clearance 100 mm (PCS-S)
  • 2 height-adjustable floors in substructure (PCS-S + PCS-F)
  • Floor-clearance 100 mm (PCS-S)
  • 4 steering rolls ø 125 mm, 2 with stops (only PCS-F)
  • Special dimensions on request
PC-Cabinets, Type PCS
W x D x H in mm
PCS-W Wall-mounted 650 x 620 x   83090.00.00.43
PCS-S Stand feet 650 x 620 x 170090.00.00.28
PCS-F Mobile 650 x 620 x 170090.00.00.69
PCS-W2 Wall-mounted 555 x 360 x 1160

Other versions resp. dimensions on request!



  • Sloping roof, back 200mm higher
  • Intermediate floors in substructure with leafs

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