Swinging door Type PT-N 90 SPECIAL

This door is particularly suitable for passenger paths

  • Version in single leaf and doubel leaf
  • Opening dimensions up to w 1200 resp. w 2400 x h 2200 mm
  • Fitting: Double-sided spring strips made of special plastic
  • Door leaf thickness 15 mm made of polyethylene
  • Dimensionally stable in the temperature range of - 30°C up to +60°C
  • Window made of impact-resistant polycarbonate (material thickness 3mm)
  • Available as a design version in 6 appealing versions

PT-N 90 S-1 single-leaf
PT-N 90 S-2 double-leafed
PT-N 90 S-1 "Design" single-leaf
PT-N 90 S-2 "Design" double-leafed

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Polyethylene HDPE 500



Single leaf version: max. B 1200 x H 2200 mm
Double-leaf version: max. B 2400 x H 2200 mm



  • High functionality
  • Perfect, patented window technology
  • Attractive design
  • Physiologically impeccable
  • Homogeneous staining
  • Extremely shock and impact resistant
  • Optimized price-performance ratio
  • Rounded corners and edges



It is characterized by a slim design and a low weight. The solid, continuous shoulder strip of the "industrial version" is replaced by reinforcing profiles in the area of ​​the bands. The type "special" therefore offers an appealing look and high functionality at a reasonable price.



  • Door leaf made of polyethylene(HDPE 500)

    Door leaf thickness 15 mm; The fittings are harmoniously integrated into the door leaf. HDPE 500 hinged doors are available in 1 and 2-leaf versions, 2-leaf doors are standard equipped with a center overlap of transparent PVC, starting 1000 mm from the top edge of the exposed floor.

  • Fitting

    Double-sided spring belts made of special plastic with stainless steel bolt and tension springs, with integrated 90 ° locking; in an ordinary passage through the swing door close the doors automatically. Locking takes place only when the door leaf is opened slowly over 90 °. A light touch on the door brings the door back to its original state. Stainless steel bolt and tension springs additionally ensure a high load capacity.

    Optionally, the swing doors can also be equipped with stainless steel straps WITHOUT 90 ° locking.

  • Window

    made of impact-resistant polycarbonate (material thickness 3 mm), diameter 360 or optionally 500 mm; the porthole is pressed directly into the door leaf using a patented process. Additional fasteners such as rubber clamping profiles or PE retaining strips are not required.

  • Center overlap of transparent PVC


  • Window, rounded (Ø 500 mm)
  • Stainless steel spring bands without 90 ° locking
  • Floor deflector on request
  • Asymmetrical partition on request
  • Impact protection profile on request
  • Tube-way skirt on request
  • 3-piece U-form stainless steel frame for PU panels
  • 3-piece U-form plastic frame for PU panels
  • Available as a design version in 6 appealing versions

color chart

Color chart for food-grade quality

Deviations of the original color from the color sample possible

Color chart for regenerate (non food-grade) quality

Deviations of the original color from the color sample possible

Mounting informations

The doors can be screwed directly over the plastic spring band to all common finished carvings. For optimal distribution of the tensile forces, a base plate made of stainless steel is enclosed with the wall mounting. A separate frame or a frame with masonry walls is not required. For installation in panel walls, we generally recommend the use of a U-profile frame made of HDPE 500 or stainless steel.


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