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Wall-mounted lockers according to EU Directive

Social room and changing area equipment

wall-mounted locker

In the area of ​​dressing rooms, we have lockers made of stainless steel or powder-coated sheet steel - also electrolytically galvanized - in the program, which guarantee their function fulfillment and value retention by their extraordinary robustness and stability as well as the high-quality processing.

Lockers according to EU Directive

By using lockers specially tailored to the requirements of the EU directive, an integrated divider wall prevents cross-contamination of personal clothing with work clothing. The cabinet also has a generous compartment width of 400 mm and a pitched roof to prevent objects from being deposited. Punched doors and perforated floor plates do not even make stuffy smells in the locker. The EU locker is available with legs or built-under bench.

However, for hygienic reasons and for easier floor cleaning, a wall-mounted version is recommended. On request, we deliver our wall-mounted wardrobe cabinets with wall bracket and shoe rack (see left picture).

locker door with shoe holder
Shoe basin for locker floor


Useful accessories such as a space-saving shoe holder for the locker door or a shoe shell for insertion into the locker floor for wet footwear complete our product portfolio (see left picture).



Umkleideraum: Garderobenschrank
Umkleideraum: Garderobenschrank mit Sitzbank
Umkleideraum: Doppelstöckiger EU-Garderobenschrank

Changing area equipment

According to chapter 5, No. 7.1 of the Food-processing regulation (LMHV

"Persons, processing or handling food have to keep a high amount of personal hygiene and wear appropriate, clean work clothes".

Our changing room equipment supports you to comply to these guidelines!

Laundry Storage Cabinets

For the food processing & pharmaceutical industry, we provide laundry storage cabinets for hygienic storage of workwear that meets these requirements. A central door allows all compartments located one above the other to be opened and equipped at once..

Depending on the allocation of the compartments, e.g. after employees, this can then open his compartment by means of a rotary latch (padlock) and take the clean work clothes (see left picture).

Laundry storage cabinets are available in electrolytically galvanized sheet steel or in stainless steel 1.4301.

Laundry collection cabinets, galvanized sheet steel version

Laundry collections cabinets

Not only the clean work clothes, also the storage of dirty work clothes is regulated in the DIN 10524. The stating that soiled work clothes is to be stored in special collection devices. We also supply special laundry storage cabinets, so that no adverse effect on the operating hygiene must be feared (see right picture).

snack cabinets, operable on both sides

Snack cabinets

For break times of the employees we supply snack cabinets made of powder-coated steel sheet (also available in wet room version) or stainless steel. These can also be used as room dividers between black and white areas. The Vesper cabinet is then operated on both sides (see left picture). From the black area (changing room) the snack cabinet is filled and from the white area (canteen area) the snack can be taken out.

Wardrobe with Z-interior layout (limited space)

Double storey, space-saving or Z-lockers

Even in confined spaces, lockers can be integrated, whether as double-storey, space-saving lockers or Z-lockers. Wardrobe lockers, internal with Z-division are also available (picture right).

Here we offer individual system solutions adapted to the local conditions, even lockers with forced ventilation systems are possible!

Well planned is half equipped!

When furnishing objects, nothing should be left to chance: How future-proof is the furnishing concept? Are all legal provisions taken into account? Which colors and materials best meet the user's ideas?

It makes a big difference whether social room or changing room furniture is simply placed in one room - or whether the interior becomes part of the overall interior design.

We offer practical solutions for creative spatial planning - from easy-to-use planning tools to animated 3D visualization

We offer a special service through individual advice!

If you have any questions about dressing room and social room facilities, please contact us by phone at +49 (0) 23 54-94 45-0. Talk to us, because here we are professionals!

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