Crate washing system

Crate washing system

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Company vacation

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Face Check-<br>Point Scanner
Face Check-<br>Point Scanner

Face Check-Point Scanner

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Innovative solutions

for hygiene technology

with maximum quality demands

Since 1998


We support the economic conversion of your current hygiene requirements and advise you on weaknesses in the product-, operating- and personnel hygiene.

Take our help, when it comes to the planning of structural measures.


Spatial circumstances we site assessments and reflect this in our ideas. From conception to planning and presentation of sophisticated solutions until complete overview of costs - on our professional services you can count on. Gladly we get in contact with your architect as desired and construct digital in CAD format.


The individual stainless steel solutions we develop in consideration of the compliance with the HACCP and IFS guidelines. In the manufacture of our products precision and dimensional accuracy are paramount. Stringent quality control, here are the alpha and omega, because the product quality is the guarantee for your success.


The specialist comissioning of our hygiene and working equipment is inclusive instruction by our technicians or on request, your skilled workers to install using informative diagrams and detailed working specifically.

High spare parts availability

We carry wear parts and spare parts in sufficient large quantities on stock. This enables us to guarantee the necessary availability of spare parts all year round.

24 hour service

24h emergency-servicereached via central number, which in turn makes contact to the service technicians. Maintenance contracts within Germany!

Mohn - Innovative solutions with maximum quality demands

We see ourselves not only as a solution provider in the field of hygiene technology, but also as a competent planning partner for your projects.

With proven and professional concepts for the individual industries, we create the highest level of trust. Our experience guarantees you the necessary industry knowledge and thus optimal solutions for every application.

Professional, individual advice based on excellent product and industry know-how is a basic prerequisite for us in the mapping and productive implementation of your quality and production processes.

We work reliably, team-oriented and are therefore a competent contact for the experts in your company.

Many successful companies benefit from our competence.

Use our help when it comes to planning construction measures.